sábado, 22 de octubre de 2011

Fuck all

People, people, people... they fuck you up. This world is full of millions of people, and still i feel lonely. 
There are moments in life when you find yourself at a crossroad, scared, confused, without a roadmap. The choices you make in those moments can define the rest of your days. of course when faced with the unknown, you prefer to turn around and go back.
I'm afraid, i'm nervous and i'm insecure.
I'm fucking scared because all of this, whatever it is, it's really really new to me, and it's scary, it's really fucking scary.
And at the same time i wouldn’t have it any other way. I just don’t want to fuck it up or ruin it, and that’s what scares me the most. Being a teenager is vastly overrated. We all make mistakes, we are stubborn and we don't give a fuck about what our parents think, we hate school, we do stupid shit, we fight, we love, we hate, we cry, we give up on believing in a supreme being.
We’re all fucked up and thats the truth.,we all come from dysfunctional families, because no family is perfect.
We say things that we don’t mean, we yell, we scream, we're perverted, we get broken hearts, we get drunk.
Grades don't mean a thing to us anymore, we live on quotes and music that describe our lives and most importantly we are tired, we are tired of pretending we’re fine.
The damage is permanent, there is always some scars, but even the angriest scars fade over the time, and the only thing that remains is the memory of how painful it had been...